V5 Instructions

      Print this Page before Downloading the 45 day Evaluation Copy Of TM V5

      Summary of Important Installation, Upgrade and Update Items For TM V5

1. System Items

A.  If using Windows 95 or 98, C:\Autoexec.bat file on each workstation must contain a valid temporary directory instruction, such as:  Set Temp=C:\Windows\Temp

B.  C:\Config.sys file on each Windows 95/98 workstation must define a large number of file handlers with a statement such as: Files=254 (If you are using NT, NT Workstation, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows 2000/2003 Server, the files=254 will be in C:\WINNT\System32\Config.nt)

C.  If you are installing on an NT/2000/2003 network, the server's Config.nt must also contain the files= 254 statement.  If you are installing on a Novell server, this item does not apply.

D.  Windows 95 Users:  Before installing V5 you must first run the program DCOM95.EXE. This program can be found on the CD in the directory UTILS\WIN95.

E.  Windows 98 Users:  Before installing V5 you must first run the program SPEU.EXE. This program can be found on the CD in the directory UTILS\WIN98. If you are installing TM on a workstation using Windows 98, and you have Client for Net Ware Networks installed, and you want to install TM to a directory other than the default, you must run NWPN32.EXE first. This file can be found in the UTILS\WIN98 directory on the installation CD.

F.  System date/time.  If upgrading, TM uses your previous TM date format settings. If a new install, it will set the TM format to be consistent with the format of the station used for installation.  Recommend  Win 95/8 users first check their Control Panel, Regional Settings, Short Date Style to mm/dd/yyyy for Y2K compliance, and the Date/Time settings to ensure they are set to the current date.

G.  Before installing TM V5 or upgrading to V5, you must first disable any anti-virus programs installed on your computer. This includes Norton Anti Virus. if any anti-virus program is enabled while installing V5, a problem  with InstallShield could cause all of the files copied to the TM directories to be stamped with the current date. This can cause serious problems with your Windows installation if you then attempt to run TeleMagic.

2.  TeleMagic Upgrade Items:


B. Before installing the upgrade, make certain any files in the TMWIN or TM4 directory do not have attributes set to read-only. After installation, mark all files in the TM5\programs directory as read-only.

C.  If the file TMFIX.EXE exists in your TMWIN directory, delete it.

D.  Any e-mail will be overwritten. Prior to upgrading, print out all e-mail messages for all users. (This is the internal E-mail for TM)

E.  Users of TM for Windows V1.0 who want to upgrade to V5 must first upgrade to V1.5a. The V1.5a upgrade is included on the CD-Rom for this purpose.

F.  Before installing the upgrade, open your current installation of TM and make a note of your current serial number(s). Serial numbers are found under the menu items Help and About. Upgrades of installations prior to V5 will be set to Unregistered. When you launch an unregistered installation of TM after an update you will be asked if you would like to register. Alternatively, you can select Register... from the File menu in TM.

G.  If you have upgraded from an installation of TM prior to V5, you must upgrade any node installations you have installed. When you attempt to start TeleMagic from a workstation that was setup for a previous version, you will be prompted to upgrade your workstation -- answer yes to the upgrade prompt.  Alternatively, on each workstation, use Windows Explorer to delete the TMNODE folder, browse to the server's TM5, Programs folder to start TeleMagic from the server, then select Workstation setup from the file menu in TM.

H. Upgraders need to open Option, Preferences, Writing preferences and enter the directory location where their documents will be stored in the Working Directory field.

I.  The Screen Designer for V4/5 is fundamentally different from previous versions. In some cases fields on your screen may need to be adjusted slightly, in size and position, to present the same appearance as in your old installation.


3. TeleMagic New Installation and Upgrade items:

A. After installation, mark all files in the TM5\programs directory as read-only.  


       Print this Page before Downloading the 45 day Evaluation Copy Of TM V5



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